The best speakers create the sound very accurately. They do not distort the sound. For the analysis of a speaker's quality, engineers use Frequency Response charts. A Frequency Response chart shows the span that a speaker can create its audio frequencies. The fuller the span or the spectrum - the span which human ear can hear - the better. Besides a full spectrum, a perfect Frequency Response chart (or a perfect sound recreation) must be close to a flat line with no peaks or valleys. Peaks or valleys are the depictions of the variation in loudness between frequencies. Nima manufactures speakers with the full spectrum and also a flat frequency response that beat Bose and JBL.

The sound quality of a speaker stems from several elements. These are speaker materials such as wires, magnets, and sturdy or robust enclosure design. An accurate sound recreation is both science and art. It is art especially when it comes to enclosure design. We could not find anything more robust to house our speakers than a football helmet. Enclosure houses the drivers and the electronics that create sound. If the enclosure is not robust, it will distort the sound. If the enclosure is flimsy, the sound might reverberate inside. If the speaker driver is not braced in a secure fashion, it might rattle and create distortions. Have you ever asked yourself why your car audio system sounds better than your home system? The reason is that your car is far more rugged and hence a better enclosure in general. Speakers are also braced better in your car.

You should listen to your new speakers in a setting in which you’ll use them. We don't use a well-designed speaker room or store listening room which are buffed and puffed with noise reduction and other deceptive elements. Speakers that sound good when and where you use them are good speakers. Hence we let you use our speakers on your desk, at your office, at your home .....and if you believe it does not sound perfect, send it back to us. We guarantee our speakers.